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1 2 Copy the exhibition as realistic as possible so you don’t have to be in Southampton to visit it. In this case it would be easier for people who are already interested to visit it. Combine the exhibition with a game. In this case people who would not normally visit an exhibition would see the artwork while playing the game. The assignment was simple: use VR to increase the audience for the ‘Pass it on’ exhibition. The different student teams used two different approaches: 1 This first strategy really worked out well. The travelling ‘Pass it on’ exhibition travelled from Cork to Lille, but not all artwork could be shipped. Thanks to the VR exhibition the complete collection could be shown. LINK TO 2-1 YOUTUBE 2 LINK TO 2-1 YOUTUBE LINK TO 2-2 LINK TO 2-3 YOUTUBE VIDEO 2-1 The Demented Gallery Wizard (winner of best student project) 2-2 Art Guard 2-3 The Arty Assignment