TKF2014 Annual Report - Page 8

Keeping The Spirit Alive Echoes of our past ring in the present and are focused on the future The roots of the Key Foundation are found in the Order of the Arrow. Former Lodge Officers who wanted to enhance the OA experience for their younger brothers started TKF in 1987. Some people view TKF as a “Wah-Tut-Ca Alumni”. It is true that many of our members are alums from the “land for friends and brothers” and Wah-Tut-Ca is very special to us. However TKF is broader than that. To understand our connection to WTCSR you need to consider Wannalancit 451, the Greater Lowell Council’s OA Lodge. Wannalancit began in 1951. The Wah-Tut-Ca Braves a local organization similar to the Order of the Arrow preceded it. You had to be on Wah-Tut-Ca Staff to be a brave. In the early days of Wannalancit this was still a requirement. Eventually this requirement was dropped but OA connection to camp staff was maintained throughout Wannalancit’s history. When the Greater Lowell Council merged with Yankee Clipper, the Key Foundation expanded to support Nanepashemet Lodge and all the council’s camping programs. Expanding our support was very natural. A mission of the Order of the Arrow is to promote Scout Camping. The Order of the Arrow was invented by a camp director and born in a Scout Camp. We are a living legacy of all that has happened before us. We provide support to all the camps and camping programs of Yankee Clipper Council. TKF does not run the Order of the Arrow. We have been proud to support the growth of the lodge by encouraging, inspiring and empowering the youth leaders. We believe in a youth lead, adult guided experience. As former Lodge Officers we recognize the importance of young men determining their own direction. We provide some spice. We are not the meal. We actively shine a light on youth achievement. For the last 15 years TKF has supported Nanepashemet Lodge 158. We are also very excited about the creation of a new Lodge. We pledge our support not only to the Order, but also to the camping and outdoor programs of our new council.