TKF2014 Annual Report - Page 7

begins anew to do more, go further and be more effective. Justin has the courage to be objective and take the next step on his journey to climb even higher. He will be a major voice in the development of our new Lodge. Like Craig Ryder he asks us to Catch The Higher Vision. Tom Ford is a remarkable, generous, and honorable man. He is an inventor, a food scientist, a Class of '51 graduate of MIT, and a founder and president of Trans-World Services, a design and manufacturing firm specializing in food services devices. During the difficult times of the last year, Tom became a valued advisor to the Key Foundation's leadership team. He supported TKF's spirit and mission and gave wise counsel for us to keep the spirit alive and to remain positive and focused on the future. Locally and regionally he has been an active advocate for the cause during our most challenging times. Like Craig Ryder, Tom's calm nature reminded us the most important thing is not where you are but where you are going. Andrew Pinard is a legacy Scout Leader of Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. From his days as a camper in the 1970s through his leadership and service as a Camp Director to the present day roles as a commissioner and the camp master coordinator, Andy has been an outspoken advocate for the outdoor programs of the Boy Scouts of America. He is a man of both conscience and consequence. Andrew is the person who first recruited Craig Ryder to be Wah-Tut-Ca's Camp Director. Like Craig Ryder did, you find Andrew in our camps quietly working on projects and improvements that are needed yet often unnoticed. He recognizes that the magic of Wah-Tut-Ca does not end when the leaves turn color in the fall. His development of the weekend offseason program has been a huge success. Like Craig Ryder, Andrew's discerning vision for tomorrow deserves consideration, action, and implementation.