TKF2014 Annual Report - Page 6

Recognizing Excellence The Craig Ryder Award The Craig Ryder Award recognizes both youth and adults whose personal efforts and commitment have advanced the outdoor programs of the Boy Scouts Of America. Each of the individuals, in their own way, have made it part of their life's mission to improve, promote, and develop the youth experience. The award is named after Craig Ryder, a former Lodge Chief and Director of WahTut-Ca Scout Reservation. He was known for leading people, not by authority or command, but by example. He was soft spoken and embodied the words, "by inspiration lead them Craig was about the big things you want to accomplish with your life. His life was short but through the quality of his actions it was very wide. The theme of Craig Ryder as Lodge Chief was "Catch The Higher Vision". This award recognizes those who do. As part of the Key Foundation's mission to encourage inspire, and empower the Craig Ryder Excellence Award was established. Rob McLaughlin is a young man who takes his leadership responsibilities as a call for action. He is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor Member, Wah-Tut-Ca Staff Area Director and Venturing Scout. His skills as a leader are enhanced by his well-developed ability to articulate his cause. He is our Lodge Chief. He has become a notable and significant leader for the future of Scouting in our community. Like Craig Ryder, Rob is all about making tomorrow better than today. His voice calls for all young and old to embrace change and create a better future. He has successfully advocated for youth to have a voice in the development of our new council. Like Craig Ryder Rob's spirit, Rob is setting ablaze the hearts and consciences of both young and old. Justin St. Louis lives the theme that good is never good enough. This young Eagle Scout, WTCSR Staff member, Vigil Honor Member and Lodge leader is remarkable young man. He is a talented communicator who works hard to bring the positive message of Scouting and its outdoor programs to the world. He is never satisfied with his past achievements. Each time he