TKF2014 Annual Report - Page 2

My Best Advice Tonight’s Program Welcome & have | George Kouloheras & Zack Shepherd For almost 40 years I Gracebeen an adviser and mentor to young people. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve given directs them to think about TKF time on this Adam Cunningham how they can use theirArt Auction |planet to make a difference. It goes like this, “The best thing you can do with your life is to create the Finance Report| Andrew Rubenstein, CFO future.” Board but not | Ben Sawyer If we can learn from the past, Electionbe imprisoned by it we can grow. If we can focus our talents, energy, and experiences on creating someCrew 4371 Report | smarter we will make a difference. If thing new, better, faster andElizabeth Eckelkamp, Crew Presidentwe What A as an opportunity TKF/FStar Production can embrace changeWonderful World |to advance our cause then the possibilities are endless. If we can live with constructive dissatisfaction Keynote Address | Thomas F. Markham, Founder with our own abilities and achievements we will build a legacy. The Pathway Toward Tomorrow | TKF/FStar Production The pathway toward tomorrow is not a destination. It is a journey. We Francis J. Barre too will someday Year Frank Barre & Zack is, “How are all mortal. WeCounselor Of The pass. |They question for usShepherd far can we travel in the time we are given?” For TKF, 2015 is another Livoli Scholarship | Dan Murphy & about Livoli turning point on that path. TKF has always beenDennistomorrow. Craig Ryder brothers let us work together, to Joshua Ratty My dear friends andExcellence Awards | Dan Smith &create the future. The Future Brian J. Lobao Of The Order | Robert S. McLaughlin III Lodge Chief President & CEO The Secret | TKF/FStar Production The Key Foundation Inc. Adjourn | George Kouloheras