Titans vs Jaguars Game Day Newsletter 4Sept19Titans_Digital - Page 36

TWENTY-FIVE SEASONS, TWENTY-FIVE GAMES In Their Own Words This was the Jaguars’ fi rst appearance on Monday Night Football since 2001, and the fi rst prime-time home game since 2001. The atmosphere was memorable from the start. Rashean Mathis: “It was amazing. It was my fi rst Monday Night game ever. It was electric. There’s not too many games I can remember that I can say I remember like that one.” Josh Scobee: “That was the year after the Steelers won the Super Bowl, so that was a really exciting game, Monday Night and highly anticipated. It ended up being a snoozer for everyone but me.” The Jaguars’ defense indeed dominated throughout, but with neither team scoring until 5:28 remained, this was a pressurized, tight game from start to fi nish. Maurice Jones-Drew: “We played the same type of ball. The defenses were going to attack. It was going to be downhill, smashmouth offense. We were two of three or four teams in the league at that time that would run two-tight end, two-back consistently. You just knew going into the game the team that fought and executed their game plan the best was going to win, but it was going to be one of those tough games where you have to fi ght and claw for everything.” score some more.’ The tension was thick, but the concentration level was there. It never wavered. In our heart of hearts, we were like, ‘If they don’t score, they don’t win.’ We brought our hard hats. It was a signature game when we walked away with that win.” Scobee: “You get a sense for how the game’s going, especially when you get toward the fourth quarter. You can tell it was going to be a hard thing for either offense to move the ball. Even if they were shorter fi eld goals you knew they were going to be a premium because of the lack of offense. The defense played lights out and gave up zero points; I had three fi eld goals and I don’t think any of them were very long, so it was an easy game for everyone but the Steelers.” Still, this game remains one of the most memorable in franchise history. It was all defense all the time – and in an era in which defense defi ned the Jaguars, this game for many stands out. As a result, the pressure stayed on the defense – and Scobee. Defensive Tackle Marcus Stroud: “I’ll put our defense up against anybody’s in those years – from about ’05 to ’07, we were clicking. I’d put us up against anybody at the time. We had camaraderie. We had fun. That was one of the best things about our defense. That’s why I think we were so successful. We had fun and we talked to each other while we were out on the fi eld. We knew where the other person was going to be, and I think that’s what made us so successful.” Mathis: “Once the clock hit zero, it defi nitely was a satisfying game. As a defense, you’re thinking, ‘Come on. We can’t hold these guys forever. Let’s For more information on the Jaguars’ 25th season celebration, please visit www.jaguars.com/25years. “Obviously, the Steelers game is intense because of the way it was. Monday Night is awesome. It’s that feeling, that atmosphere.” – C Brad Meester