Titans Gameday Newsletter 3 Sep 17th Titans_Digital - Page 89

They focus on the merger of social, sports and geolocation and the Jaguars are the fi rst sports team to collaborate with the company on a team-centric app. Fans are encouraged to delete any old Jaguars apps from their mobile device and visit the iTunes or Android store to download the all new offi cial app. It will be your on-the-go source for all things Jaguars during the entire week. On game day is where the new app really shows off with a host of capabilities that don’t exist in other team apps. A live chat feature lets fans across the stadium talk throughout the game. A custom-designed marketplace map helps fans fi nd a fun tailgate crowd to join or area bars and restaurants that are Jag-centric. Users will receive live scoring updates and standings from NFL Next Gen Stats. Jags365 members can use the new app to sign up for seat upgrades and other game day benefi t alerts powered by Experience. Sign up and you might receive a food and beverage coupon or a chance to get on fi eld during pregame warm-ups. A key facet of the offi cial Jaguars app that is already being utilized on game day is the all new mobile ticketing feature. The Jaguars are the fi rst team in the industry to utilize the newest Ticketmaster software developer kit, providing the new app with the most up-to-date back end technology to allow for a mobile ticketing experience that is simple and fi rst-class. Find your way around the sports complex on game day The Jaguars app should have a familiar user interface as it’s modeled after many popular social media applications. During the week, fans can access all the unique content and features they’ve always been able to reach via the Jaguars app. This includes news articles from Jaguars.com, audio replays of all Jaguars radio programming, exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the team, photo galleries and rosters. Fans are also invited to utilize the dedicated in-app camera with built in game friendly fi lters for photos that can be posted natively to social media. The app is still in beta mode and will remain that way for a few weeks as the Jaguars and Paranoid Fan continue to add unique features. Still to come features include a native chatbot which will provide experiential, stadium and football information, customer surveys and reviews, fantasy football integration and a version of the app designed exclusively for our U.K. fans. Stadium payment processing and a live mobile wallet will eventually allow you to pay by app for food, beverages and merchandise. When yo u see the green light, watch Jaguars content live as it happens With new updates and enhancements being made weekly, fans are encouraged to turn on automatic updates to ensure they are always running the most current version of the offi cial Jaguars app.