Timon Houben 2014 - Page 32

PO6 - Fluxus presentations For our Fluxus presentation we tried to give an example of an art performance as an introduction. I put on a white (extra small sized) shirt which Liselotte Blom and Bibi van Alfen cut to shreds in the middle of class. This was a link to the Fluxus performance called “Cut Piece” by Yoko Ono, which the legendary Fluxus artist did in 1965. Afterwards we did a questions and answers game. First we asked a question without the audience knowing what the answer could be. This made sure that the answers they gave us were guessed. Right after, we gave the correct answer and explained a little about the topic. This approach of first asking questions and then explaining the subject (instead of first give an explanation and then ask questions about it) was a fresh one, and gave it an original touch, according to us. In the end we gave our opinions on the matters: What is Fluxus? Do you consider Fluxus art? and: Do you like Fluxus? This was a summary about our presentation concerning Fluxus. 31