Timon Houben 2014 - Page 28

CA8 - Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam Together with my art class and a teacher I went to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In this CA I am going to explain what I knew, saw, experienced, and learned. What did I already know about the Stedelijk Museum? I knew that there were more Stedelijk Museums in the Netherlands. I know that more cities have one. I also knew that it featured modern or contemporary art, which is not really my cup of tea. My knowledge ends there. What is The Stedelijk Museum? The Stedelijk Museum was opened in 1895 after 4 years of construction. The architecture of the old building was by Adriaan Willem Weissman. It is located on Museum Plein close to the Rijksmuseum , Van Goghmuseum, and Diamantmuseum. In the Second World War the museum transferred some of its most important works to a safe bunker in Santpoort. The museum remained open though. In 2003 the Stedelijk Museum objects had to relocate since the building they were in didn’t meet the cirteria of the fire department. It took the museum nearly ten years to rebuilt, and extendhe museum. In 2012 it reopened its doors with a new head entrance and a renovated interior. Today the museum contains about 90 000 objects and attracks around 700 000 visitors (in 2013). What does the Stedelijk Museum consist of? The museum has some of the world’s most famous contemporary and modern art works. The collections are divided into several divisions:  Paintings  Sculptures  Moving obejcts  Sound  Light  Photogrphic pictures  Posters  Drawings  Etc. Some of the artists who have art displayed in the museum:  Vincent van Gogh  Wassily Kandinsky  Karel Appel  Andy Warhol  Marlene Dumas  Henri Matisse  Etc. The amount of artworks and the variety in styles and art forms makes it difficult to really explain what the museum consists of. 27