Timon Houben 2014 - Page 26

CA7 - Lumido In the summer of 2013 I went to the Berg en Bos Park in Apeldoorn with my sister to witness the Lumido lightshow. In this CA I am going to explain what I knew, saw, experienced, and learned. What did I already know about Lumido? I knew that Lumido was something that existed since I was born, since we went there every year for my birthday. I loved it and thought the combination of light and music was a magical experience. I also know that at one point Lumido stopped because there was simply no money for it to continue. I remember I cried because of that. The exact history is unfamiliar to me though. One of the many lightshows of Lumido What is Lumido really? Park Berg en Bos is a nature park of about 250 acres in Apeldoorn, Gelderland. It belongs to the congregation of Apeldoorn from the moment it was built in 1934. The reason for Apeldoorn to build the park was because there was an economic crisis going on during the time. Opening a project like this was a way of creating jobs for the unemployed. The park exsits of a 26 meter high tower, a pond, a playground for children, and lots of green, flowers and plants that attracts a diverse group of insects. In the summer months of 1953 a light-, water- and music spectacle started around the pond of the park Berg en Bos. It grew over the years and attracted more and more visitors. There was much to see and to do during the nights of Lumido, but it didn’t matter anymore in the beginning of t he 21st century. Though the park was very pop ձ