Timon Houben 2014 - Page 25

What did I see? The Titanic EXPO was an exhibition of artefacts from the wreck of Titanic that divers brought to the surface. There was a range of things displayed:  shoes  floor tiles  jewellery  bathroom furniture  pieces of clothing  toys  suitcases  pieces of iron  china  rivets  cutlery  letters  books and pamphlets  personal belongings (e.g. watch,  (pieces of) furniture glasses)  (pieces of) decorations However, displaying of artefacts wasn’t the only thing there was to see for the audience. There were rooms and decorations set up almost identical to rooms from the Titanic. They recreated a 1st class hallway, a piece of a restaurant and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd class cabin. All and all it wasn’t really a long tour. It took us for about an hour until we reached the gift shop. Artefacts from Titanic displayed What did I think of it? / How did I experience it? I loved to see all the artefacts and the rooms which were recreated. It almost felt like I was there on the ship. For example, when I walked into the 1st class hallway, for me it felt like I was wondering through it for real. It gave me this strange sense of coming home . I must say that I liked to look at the artefacts that actually belonged to people more, than just pieces of the ship itself. It felt way more personal to examine a piece of jewellery, then to look at a bunch of rivets. However, I was so happy that I’ve been there and I would definitely recommend going there. If it’s possible I would even love to go again. Who knows, maybe I will. What is the eye-opener? What I knew about Titanic came from the internet, a couple of books and the film Titanic (directed and written by James Cameron), but what I found out is that there are real stories of people. For instance, whenever I saw a suitcase or a pair of shoes that was taken from the wreck and displayed in the EXPO, I didn’t just see a suitcase or a pair of shoes, but a person with a story. There were suitcases with books, perfume bottles (with the perfume still in it!), busi ness cards and much more that explained who the suitcase belonged to, why that person was travelling with the Titanic, but most importantly, if that person survived the disaster. However, whatever the eye -opener was, my opinion will never change. People called it the ship of dreams, and it was, it really was. 24