Timon Houben 2014 - Page 24

CA6 - Titanic Expo exhibition Together with my sister I went to the Titanic Exposition in the EXPO building in Amsterdam. In this CA I am going to explain what I knew, saw, experienced, and learned. The Titanic What did I already know about the Titanic? I’ve heard from Titanic since I was about 7 years old, when I first saw the movie and instantly fell in love with it. Ever since, I’ve been deeply interested in the ship and the disaster it is associated with, up to such an extent that when I was 12 years old I knew almost every detail. My love for Titanic hasn’t faded away, and neither did my knowledge. This is why I already knew so much about the ship, the time it was set, the disaster, and of course the famous movie which beautifully covers the entire tragic story of the faith of Titanic. That is why it was so astonishing that, after I visited the Titanic Exposition, I realised I didn’t know everything yet. In fact, I experienced it in a completely different, but especially new way. What was the Titanic? The R.M.S. Titanic was a cruise ship in the start of the 20th century. Together with her sister ships R.M.S. Olympic and H.M.H.S. Britannic they were the largest ships made by man in all history. Titanic was launched on the 31st of May in 1911 and started its maiden voyage on the 10th of April in 1912, deporting from Southampton, United Kingdom to New York, United States. It was a very luxurious ship, equipped with 1st, 2nd and 3rd class cabin’s (since the society was socially divided into classes, with 1st class being the rich people and 3rd being the poorest), a couple of restaurants, a Turkish bath and swimming pool, a grand stairwell, a smoking lounge, a gym, and many decks to stroll about. It was the ship of dreams, until the night when the dream suddenly became a nightmare for many. It was the 14th of April when Titanic struck an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Within 2 hours the ship sunk all the way to the bottom of the Atlantic. There were about 2200 people on board, and only 700 people survived. 23