Timon Houben 2014 - Page 20

MY TOP 3’s - BUILDINGS IN ITALY 1. Colosseum General information: Construction from ca. 70 - 80 Why: This building is amazing because it still stand on our earth today. Almost 2000 years old. This is a piece of our history. Again this historical monument survived many wars, natural disasters and other sorts of drama. I like history, architecture and culture, because those things make who we are, where we live and what we like. For me this building has those three things. This building has it all. An absolute number one. MY TOP 3’s – PAINTINGS 3. Still Water Cottage General information: Completed May 2005, by Thomas Kinkade Why: I get a very warm feeling from this painting. Especially because of the lights pouring from the windows, suggesting a nice warm house. I think the reason why I like this so much is because of my British roots. And this being a typical British cottage, gives me that warm feeling from within. A nice sense of being home. MY TOP 3’s – PAINTINGS 2. Lake Side Manner General information: Completed May 2006, by Thomas Kinkade Why: This painting represents the early fall in a nice forest in Britain. The colour of the sky is beatiful because of a sunset, trees have nice warm colour because of the season. It makes me want to hate the place where I live. I would love to sell everything I own to be able to live here. This painting for me has a high spirit of tranquility and peace, especially because it is so remote. It looks allot like the other painting you saw before, but this house is bigger and it has a nice stone bridge. 19