Timon Houben 2014 - Page 19

MY TOP 3’s - MOVIES 1. Titanic Why: I think this is the number one, because it is such a touching movie. Especially when you know that all of this really happened. The ship really sank, and people actually suffered. This movie shows this tragedy perfectly, and the main story line is not affected by this at all. This story line about a first class girl falling for a third class boy is original, affecting and interesting to look at. Again the music plays a major role in this movie. It fits perfectly with the moments. Just a perfect movie! MY TOP 3’s - BUILDINGS IN ITALY 3. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa General information: Construction was in three stages across ca. 200 years (from 1173 - 1372). It is 56 meter high, location is in Pisa, Italy Why: I visited it this summer, and ofcourse I have seen it before on television or in stories. But when I saw this tower at first, I was amazed by its glory, height and its high amount of visitors. I like this momument because it is part of the history of the world. And I love history. I like the idea that this tower exists 800 years. And survived wars, drama and natural disasters. MY TOP 3’s - BUILDINGS IN ITALY 2. Basilica of Saint Mary of The Flower, Florence General information: construction from 1296 – 1436. It is a big church in Florence, Itlay. Why: Again, I visited this building as well. It was such a big building. On its outside, it had so many handcrafted details. I was amazed of how the people in that time could make such a big building without any machinery. I like this building, because it stands out (just like me) above the rest of the city. For me it represents leadership and something for the rich because it is so big and nice. 18