Timon Houben 2014 - Page 10

What did I see? I had a nice spot in the Theatre. I could see the orchestra clearly. There was a group of people playing a certain instrument. Most of them played the violin. The concert lasted for two hours and it was divided in three parts. The first and last part were a piece of Music of Wagner. This was really beautiful. I enjoyed especially the beginning, because the music was familiar to me. I had definitely heard it before, so it gave me an indescribable feeling from within. However, the middle piece, so the music piece from Beethoven, was the most beautiful. It started with a woman entering in a red dress and a violin. She stood next to the conductor and played the instrument. Some parts solo, others together with the rest of the orchestra. This took longer than I expected, so in the end I was a bit bored. At least the lady looked pretty in her red dress and I liked her hairstyle. What did I think of it? / How did I experience it? I am different than other children of my age. I like to listen to classical music, whereas other teens listen to pop and rap. This is why I was one of the only ones who really enjoyed the show. My mother usually says that I have an old spirit, and that is what I experienced as well. I felt like I was a senior citizen and I liked it. I sat next to an old woman, and we had a nice conversation too, in the break. I loved “hanging out” with the older generations. Sometimes I closed my eyes and really listened to the music. It gave me a warm and familiar feeling from within. I really enjoyed it and I would absolutely visit something similar again. Maybe a piece of Pjotr Tchaikovsky would give me the same indescribable emotions and feelings. What is the eye-opener? Normally, people of my age don’t like the music (or pretend not to like it, in order to “still be popular”). But I already liked it. I listen to classical music all the time. When I make my homework, or when I go to sleep. I always thought the music had a calming effect. And it does, but there is way more to it. If you really listen to the music you can hear a story, just like there is a story to the songs of today. This is what I first experienced with this concert. I think you just have to close your eyes and listen to this “story”. So that is what I will try to do more often: really listen to music to be able to hear the story. 9