Time to Roam Magazine Issue 9 - June/July 2014 - Page 37

| tried + tested motorhome review the seats are very comfortable. I also love the way the passenger and drivers seats swivel around to face each other (or the main living space) and there’s a little table to drop in between them for casual dining or a handy work station. Sleeping space fit for a king The Melaleuca might be compact but the sleeping area is spacious and highly practical. For the solo adventurer, the sleeping area at rear can be configured as a 50/50 setup which offers half the space as seating and half the space as a permanent single bed setup facing east west across the van. For taller people or twin share, you can have two 1870mm long single beds facing north south or drop the table down between the two, slide the cushion across and you get a vast king-sized bed. Now that’s versatile! There is also a 2/3 - 1/3 option when ordering the Melaleuca where the rear section is built a little wider for a permanent double bed at the rear, with the option of an innerspring mattress. With this setup, there is permanent seating just forward of the bed. Space for essentials Some people like to take everything with them when they hit the road and there are some pretty impressive larger motorhomes to accommodate this approach. The Melaleuca however is designed for simplified travel. Cupboard storage is perfect for food stocks for one or two people along with clothing, books and personal technology. The cabinetry construction material is an impressive pressure laminated ply which uses balsa wood for extra lightness and is so hardy it should still look good in 20 years. Horizon also uses self-locking Italian sourced cupboard handles that are both stylish and practical. They make a nice upgrade from the industry standard push button catches. Unlike the button design, thes