Time to Roam Magazine Issue 9 - June/July 2014 - Page 27

Tom Olthoff Tom Olthoff is the proprietor of Towsafe Training Australia which specialises in teaching safe towing of caravans, boat trailers, horse floats and commercial trailers. RUNNING OUT OF SPACE AT HOME? Send your questions to Tom c/info@timetoRoam.com.au A well designed trailer with the axle in the right position to provide good balance and stable towing Although this van is very stable to tow, its wheel position puts excessive weight on the tow ball Boat trailers with outboard motors need the axle well back from centre to provide enough ball weight for stable towing CHECK OUT THE BEST SITE TO STORE YOUR CARA AN OR V MOTORHOME highndry.com.au Secure (under cover or external with 24hr access), ready for you to enjoy without the hassles. This appears to be a well-designed caravan, but tests found the positioning of the internal equipment caused the ball weight to exceed 300kg No 1 Clerke Place - Private Kurnell, NSW 2231 1300 23 23 33 FACSIMILE 1300 23 23 43 EMAIL info@highndrystorage.com.au TELEPHONE Issue 09 Jun/Jul 2014 27