Time to Roam Magazine Issue 9 - June/July 2014 - Page 2

New Audio Systems Designed especially for RV’s! Bluetooth Weatherproof LED Speaker/Awning Light Finally an intelligent DIY solution to add external speakers to your RV! Integrated 45 LED light & high-quality 100W Bluetooth stereo speaker system. Simply replace your awning light with this speaker & pair to your Smart Phone or Tablet. PATENTED RV Head Units Optional Remotes AM/FM Bluetooth CD Player with TV Input & Easy Radio Station Tuning AM/FM USB Bluetooth Tuner RF Remote control, controls unit up to 10M outside from the RV! Wired remote controls all functions of your RV Media unit. RV Media head units feature “Quick Tune” – easy radio tuning when on the move, TV Input to enhance the sound of your LCD TV & easy to read LCD display. Speakers & Amplifier 180W 6” 2-Way LED Speaker Lights Available in Black and White WORLD FIRST! 200W 6” Waterproof LED RV/ Awning Outdoor Speaker Lights WATERPROOF 180W 6” (non LED) 2-Way Premium RV Speakers Available in Black/Chrome and White RV Media by Camec products are available from Camec retail stores, online and at RV Specialists Nationally, Visit www.camec.com for more information and a list of Authorised Camec Dealers. Compact 400W 2-Channel Digital RV Amplifier