Time to Roam Magazine Issue 9 - June/July 2014 - Page 14

| letters feedback Price gouging Maybe the park operators should have a long hard look at themselves. Here are just a few points. 1. Increase in fees from $35 per night to $55 per night for school holidays (I can document this) 2. $8 to $10 night extra for kids. Maybe this should have an age limit, say over 12, as those under this age must be accompanied by adult to amenities. 3. Two night minimum stay when booking These are some of conditions we have struck while travelling. We are not major free campers -maybe one or two nights in a month. But I really do understand why there are dedicated Free Campers, both retired and young. I met one couple with three kids on north coast of NSW paying $55 per night plus $8 per child (two were under 10) so they were up for $79 per night. No wonder these people look for free or low cost camps. We recently were travelling in NSW and parks put up their prices from $35 per night to $55 per night for school holidays. In my view this is price gouging. And they wonder why the older travellers use free parks? We used to live in the Mallee, approximately 100km from Murray Bridge, where both caravan park owners tried to get council to ban free or low cost camping. At a meeting of local business owners they were told forget it as all the caravan travellers spend money in the town. All businesses in a town benefit. The free camper will still spend money, helping create employment and more.. KOMBIS KEEPING ON On a recent road trip north from Old Bar I was lucky enough to obtain the last copy of Time to Roam from the office of the First Sun Caravan Park in Byron Bay (where I love staying). I loved your article on the “Great Escape Vehicle” – a review of the Frontline Adventurer VW T5 Volkswagen Transporter from Ballina Campervans. I bought one of these VW Transporters from Ballina Campervans in 2010 and drove Phill Byrne, Thebarton SA Only themselves to blame Caravan park owners created the need to free camp due to high site fees for overnight stops and I will bet Richard Davis would be one of them. Council caravan parks were always the lowest cost or simply the cheapest place to stay, but now they are all leased and the site fees have gone sky high. In my view, an overnight stop on a powered site anywhere should not cost more than $20 and a fair weekly cost would be $150. All the closures of caravan parks for development has only been a nail in the coffin for caravaners, meaning more greed from the larger corporate operators. Barry Stenner 14 timetoroam.com.au it around Australia with my wife Beverley. We had the greatest time of our life in one of the best vehicles I have ever driven. The 132kw diesel has everything! I was also able to pick up a back copy of your Dec/Jan issue and read the wonderful article on “Catching the Kombi bug”, which there was a letter from Phil Matthews of the Sydney Vee Dub Club. Like Phil, I caught the “Kombi Bug”, probably because I live at Old Bar where Kombis from all over Australia gather every October long weekend for the Old Bar Festival. I own two Volkswag