Time to Act

member of the Swedish Fundraising Council (FRII). Our accounting is supervised by Svensk Insamlingskontroll (THE SWEDISH FUNDRAISING CONTROL). 2014 Civil Rights Defenders is an independent expert organisation that defends people’s civil and political rights and empowers human rights defenders at risk. Civil Rights Defenders monitors state authorities and demands accountability when people’s human rights have been violated. The organisation also works with influencing public opinion as well as with advocacy activities to build the long term capacity of human rights organisations and provide emergency support to individual human rights defenders at risk. Time to Act gives an overview of the work of Civil Rights Defenders throughout the world. In our second edition we will take you through the main developments, achievements, the highs and lows in human rights throughout 2013. Read about how the Natalia Project has progressed a year on from its inception, and how life is going for some of the bearers of the Natalia security alarm system. Civil Rights Defenders opened an office in Moldova ensuring its on-going commitment to defending human rights in Eastern Europe, thus bringing our total overseas offices to five. It was a year of ups and downs for the LGBT community and also for our partners throughout the regions we work in. The Roma of Serbia and the deteriorating human rights situation in the North Caucasus will be told through the eyes of the lens. We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with the family and colleagues of Ales Bialiatski, the 2014 recipient of the Civil Rights Defenders of the Year Award. We will also give you an overview of the work we do on four continents, the latest addition being Latin America focusing primarily on Cuba and Venezuela plus much more inside these pages. Under the same roof “It was not possible to resist a picture of a guy reading a book right there, on the dumpsite, in the middle of trash and the awful smell,” said the photographer Ljuba Maričić regarding his entry in Civil Rights Defenders’ photo contest depicting everyday life of the Roma population in Serbia. NATALIA PROJECT / PROTECTION TO GO / DEFENDERS’ DAYS 2013 / CIVIL RIGHTS DEFENDER OF THE YEAR / CIVIL RIGHTS DEFENDERS IN THE WORLD / CIVIL RIGHTS DEFENDERS IN MOLDOVA / HIGHS AND LOWS REGARDING LGBT / FACING UP TO ROMA DISCRIMINATION / A LIFE SHAPED BY SEISMIC POLITICAL EVENTS WITNESSED FIRST-HAND / MAKING THEMSELVES HEARD – PUSSY RIOT AT ALMEDALEN / MOOT COURT COMPETITION / THE MOUNTAINS OF HUMAN MAYHEM / JUSTINE IJEOMAH – PUTTING HIS LIFE AT RISK TO SERVE HUMANITY / CIVIL RIGHTS CALENDAR 2013 / 7 VOICES ABOUT CIVIL RIGHTS DEFENDERS