TILOG-LOGISTIX 2018 Newsletter #3 LGX 2018_Newsletter#3_L - Page 9

The Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Logistics Service Providers and Intralogistics Technologies & Solutions LGX18310016 LGX18310017 SHUTTLE RACK (SEMI-AUTOMATION SYSTEM) EUROPE STANDARD HEAVY DUTY PALLET RACK Brand : JENBUNJERD Brand : JRACKING • Highly flexible storage system, capable of both FIFO and LIFO storage operations • High efficiency & high-density storage • Improve the safety of warehouse operations • Energy saving • 50 mm pitch pallet rack - offers the best solutions for warehouses. • Beam end connectors are available with 3 or 4 pins. • Hook can be chose to satisfy different capacity needs. • We’re one of the leading Pallet Rack suppliers in China - standard of CE, ISO9001, Q235, RMI, AS4084 and Q345. And the customized orders are also welcome JENBUNJERD CO., LTD. JRACKING (CHINA) STORAGE SYSTEMS LGX18310019 LGX18310018 HEAVY DUTY VERTICAL WAREHOUSE STORAGE CANTILEVER RACK HANDHELD MOBILE COMPUTER BT-W SERIES Brand : JRACKING Brand : KEYENCE Model : BT-W SERIES • Jracking Cantilever Rack is designed with C/C roll-formed upright column of hot-rolled coil. • Welded base is very easy to be handled during delivery and installation. • Arms can be adjusted easily up and down the column and are available in length with a variety of capacities. • Cantilever rack is superior for the wide and clear accessing span without structure blocking. • Supreme reading performance interoperability • Lightweight: The compact and lightweight design ensures easy operation. • Durability: Adaptability to various environment absorbing excess stress • Intelligence: Displaying a large amount of information leads to prompt decision making JRACKING (CHINA) STORAGE SYSTEMS KEYENCE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. LGX18310020 LGX18310021 INVERSION ROLL REVERSION Brand : Kyomachi Model : ILD Brand : Kyomachi Model : RT • Work tailored to the conditions • Special container, Rainproof specification, Explosion protection with casters, Incline type customization is available for various user applications including stainless steel construction. • Stainless steel, other can be custom made for your safety. • Very compact and movement convenient • Perfect for loading packaging material • Chuck inner core of rolled material for smooth handling • Tasks can roll up to 50 kg rotate and flip the horizontal axis. By a few steps to use, saving time, fast easy to use process. KYOMACHI SANGYOSHARYO CO., LTD. KYOMACHI SANGYOSHARYO CO., LTD. TILOG-LOGISTIX 2018 Newsletter #3 9