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The Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Logistics Service Providers and Intralogistics Technologies & Solutions LGX18310040 LGX18310041 MINI CHAIN HOIST MINI WINCH Brand : KIO-Winch Model : CF-200 Brand : KIO-Winch Model : KIO-500 • It is very light (just 8 Kg), but it can lift up to 200kg with max. • This mini chain hoist is easy to install, operate & suitable for various situations. • A high performance and durability friction clutch that is integrated with the load brake. • Braking: Dual braking system combines mechanical plus regenerative braking, provides instant and safe braking. • Automatic upper limit switch when rope disc touches the limit arm, hoisting is automatically stopped • Dynamic and mechanical brake provides instant and safe braking • Can operate on standard domestic power supply • Sensor arm automatically stops motor if the wire rope is under-wound TAIWAN CHI YEAH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. TAIWAN CHI YEAH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. LGX18310043 LGX18310042 INDUSTRIAL STORAGE SYSTEMS VNA RACKING SYSTEM Brand : TAMCOP Brand : TAMCOP • Selective Racking System is a shelving for storage a product with First In – First Out concept. • Micro Racking System is a small size of shelving designed for product storage. • Drive-in Racking System for First In – Last Out concept which it will store the same type of product in the same row. The VNA racking system are designed by using the selective rack but with a guide rail for forklift on the ground. It is use for storage a general product with First in – First out (FIFO) concept as same as the selective rack. But there is a distinctive point that it can be arranged the products higher than the selective rack type and the supported weight is from 1000 – 2000 kilograms per pallet. THAI SWITCHBOARD AND METAL WORK (PHETCHABURI) CO., LTD. THAI SWITCHBOARD AND METAL WORK (PHETCHABURI) CO., LTD. LGX18310044 COMPOSITE STRAPPING TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Core: 200x190 mm, 8x8 inches • Box Size: 400x400x385 mm, 16x16x15 inches • Pallet size: 80x120 cm, 32x47 inches • 60 coils per pallet • 2 coil per box TOKLAI CO., LTD. LGX18310045 SHRINK The best protection possible for ensuring that each generator arrives at our customer’s door in the same conditions it left the pliant’ Richard Willow Centrax Gas Turbine Division TOKLAI CO., LTD. TILOG-LOGISTIX 2018 Newsletter #3 13