TILOG-LOGISTIX 2018 Newsletter #3 LGX 2018_Newsletter#3_L - Page 11

The Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Logistics Service Providers and Intralogistics Technologies & Solutions LGX18310028 LGX18310029 DEISEL FORKLIFT TRUCK ELECTRIC FORKLIFT TRUCK Brand : CT POWER Model : FD25 Brand : CT POWER Model : FB25 RICHLAND FORKLIFT CO., LTD. RICHLAND FORKLIFT CO., LTD. LGX18310031 LGX18310030 10.1 FULLY RUGGED TABLET PC 12.1” RUGGED IN-VEHICLE TERMINAL Brand : RuggON Model : PX501 Brand : RuggON Model : VX-601 • 7th generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor • Advanced display with high brightness and hyper dimming technology • Hot-swap battery plus fast charging • A wealth of I/O ports and expansion options fulfill field use • The high brightness display supports auto-dimming and defroster. • Extremely sturdy design to conquer tough task • Health readiness via SAE J1939 / OBDII • Wide po vW"WBB6'BvW vVV@%Ttt4%$D%Ttt4%$Du33 u3304T%4TU0'&@6VFV%'&@6VFVW0( v7F7267BF֗F֖֗rv7F7267@BVBFW0( w&VFW"f6&ƗG6FPW"6&vvFWfW"FPG&7'BFRBV0vRƖW2V6ǒF&Vv#BrW'B6W'f6P( V6VBVƗGWW'B67VFG2&VVfGFrg&3V'2WW&V6W2F֗VBv&v7F72WV7WF( "7G&FVwbr( 0FVw&FVBv&44Хrv&v7F707FW"p( "v7F726G&Ɩpf6&ƗG67@vVV@( "v7F72WV7WF56W&6rf'v&FrG&7'FFv&VW6RvVV@45Tr4E2t$44DB4DB45Tr4E2t$44DB4DBDrt5D#Ww6WGFW"30