TILOG-LOGISTIX 2018 Newsletter #3 LGX 2018_Newsletter#3_L - Page 10

29 AUG 2018 31 HALL 98 10.00 - 18.00 hrs. BITEC • BANGKOK LGX18310022 LGX18310023 SMART LOGISTICS ROBOT CUBISCAN CS125 Brand : MAROROBOT TECH Model : SMART LOGISTICS ROBOT Brand : CUBISCAN Model : CS125 • Korea Smart logistics Robot System - Smart logistics Robot using QR code recognition System (patent technology) • New methods of its transfer logistics robot system • Quick recognition (QR code) camera module • Automatic calibration function using Odometer of stabilizer • Infrared light sensing technology • Ultrasonic sensing technology • Impressive 0.05” resolution • Intuitive and user friendly touch display MAROROBOT TECH CO., LTD. NCR GROUP LGX18310025 LGX18310024 CUBISCAN75 COUNTER BALANCE ELECTRIC STACKER Brand : CUBISCAN Model : CS75 Brand : DLX Model : WS97-12 • Color touchscreen display • Powerful 3D cameras • Overhead Scanning design • Auto-cube technology automotive object recognition • Compact design with strong steel construction • Simple and convenient traveling with electric power steering system • Energy saving and convenient maintenance • Multi function handle for easy operation NCR GROUP M-RICH CORPORATION CO., LTD. LGX18310026 ELECTRIC PALLET TRUCK CRYSTAL FLOOR Brand : DLX Model : WP46-25 Brand : Crystal Floor • Easily to control with electric power steering function • High performance with effortless lift and travel • Ergonomic design to ensure safety and comfort of the operator • Robust steel construction M-RICH CORPORATION CO., LTD. 10 LGX18310027 Crystal Floor Concrete Polishing has become the foundation of modern building because of its modern look, durability, resistance to the elements, lower investment cost compared to the polymer system, long life with low maintenance cost and environment friendly. In addition, the system provides zero volatile organic content. REENTECH CO., LTD.