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our mother earth. It is also based on certain personal- ity traits. With its focus on competition and domina- tion, patriarchal personality traits give rise to arrogance and greed, eschew coopera- tion, have a disregard for and disrespect for meaning- ful dialogue, and generally lack empathy and the con- sideration of the legitimate needs and aspirations of others. PATRIARCHY AND THE THESIS OF GENDER OPPOSITIONALITY Let us now move on to discussing the second pillar of patriarchal worldview, namely the concept of gender oppositionality. By this phrase I wish to convey the idea that in (neo)-tra- Destruction of the environment can only worsen the prospect for world peace ditional (Islamic) religious by further increasing the already stiff competition for earth’s finite resources. discourses, the construction of normative masculinity is almost exclusively done in superiority. On the other hand, according to terms of anti-femininity and vice versa. This this theory of gender oppositionality, feminin- ‘‘gender oppositionality’’ theory has given rise ity is conceptually linked with various kinds of to a number of androcentric, if not outright lacks and imperfections/defects, be they in the misogynistic, beliefs and practices encoded realm of religious authority and spirituality, in the very nature of gender roles and norms rationality, or any forms of power and author- it endorses. Specifically, on the one hand, the ity. Moreover, femininity is strongly associated theory of gender oppositionality conceptually with an aggressive, extremely powerful, and links masculinity with the idea of religious voracious sexuality that ought to be constantly knowledge and interpretative authority, spiri- supervised and tightly controlled through prac- tuality, authority in both the public (i.e., politi- tices such as veiling/seclusion of women and cal authority) and domestic realms (i.e., famil- strict gender segregation. Femininity, and fe- ial authority), unreasonable levels of sexual male sexuality in particular, is also viewed as a jealousy, and even ontological and biological site of male honour. Hence, it is also associated VOL. 34, NO. 1 © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 99