Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 87

alliances and communities. As numerous ac- tivists have noted, oppositional politics often fragment from within, damaging both indi- vidual activists and the group. Oppositional energies become poisonous when we direct them at each other, as we too often do. And fifth, oppositionality can negatively impact our health, leading to increased stress, compro- mised immune systems, depression, and more. indeed, to do so would, itself, be oppositional and thus trap me inside the approach that I want to transform. “Post-oppositional” is not synonymous with “anti-oppositional.” And so, I use post-oppositionality to move partially outside binary frameworks. I underscore the partial nature of this movement. I’m not saying that it’s possible (or even desirable) to move entirely beyond oppositionality. My dissatisfaction with oppositionality’s status- quo stories compelled me to search for alter- natives, and in my search I was met with the possibility of post-oppositionality. Post-oppositionality can take a variety of forms, but these forms share several traits: First, a belief in our profound interrelated- ness to everything that exists; second, a desire to be entirely (and, at times, paradoxically) inclusive—to seek and create complex com- monalities and broad-based alliances for social change; third, an acknowledgment (and, when- ever possible, an acceptance) of contradiction; and fourth, intellectual humility, which I define as an open-minded, flexible approach to think- ing that acknowledges limitations, uncertainty, and the inevitability of error. POST-OPPOSITIONALITY As I define the term, “post-oppositionality” represents relational approaches to identity, social interactions, knowledge production, and transformation that borrow from but do not become restricted to oppositional thought and action. I do not entirely reject oppositionality; This fluid cosmic spirit/energy/consciousness (call it what you will) is both the source and the substance of being. VOL. 34, NO. 1 © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 87