Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 71

proof-text, that a lot of guys faced with that charge caved to their desire to be revered by younger, probably less well-developed or integrated men, and threw ev- eryone else, including women and children, under the chariot, stagecoach, locomotive, and bus. Desperately clinging to their own youth and vigor, men destined to be patriarchs easily fall prey to securing the admiration of their juniors. This mythic Noble Pa- triarchy never fully took root—it appears we may have been be- yond it all along. Male elders disappear their own wisdom and maturity in deference to virility, beauty, and muscle within a male juvenarchy. in a moral imperative to do more good than harm, and a system to be trusted by all, was doomed from the start. Let’s be generous for a moment and imagine that Noble Patriarchy, in its finest hour, was designed expressly to en- sure the health and well-being of clan, tribe, or nation, and to safeguard the most vulnerable members of the family by way of a respected, courageous, and responsible paternal figure- head. Then I say to you, with Rehoboam as my VOL. 34, NO. 1 Rather than a patriarchy, I think what has been fostered instead is a male dominated juvenarchy. I mean no offense to young folks, especially those who I consider my dear and valued friends and teachers. But there is a prob- lem that arises when potentially virtuous elders, especially male elders, disappear their own wis- dom and maturity in deference to virility, beauty, and muscle. Worse still are those senior lead- ers who never bothered to culti- vate mature ideas, deep feelings, decency, or humility throughout their adulthood because they were too busy developing and maintaining their swagger in an effort to se- cure the loyalty of their juniors. Look no fur- ther than the debacle of our current president for a glaring example of this phenomenon. The example of Rehoboam and Jeroboam is a clas- sic case wherein a “patriarch” is faced with a choice between serving his people/clan and ap- peasing his male inferiors. At this choice point we discover a symbiotic dependency. The man © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 71