Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 64

II. Beyond trampling kings underfoot. You are ready to be strong. Are you ready to be strong? Are you ready to follow me beyond the demons, the vampires, the misogynistic gods Time to remake the world. who tell you to stay hollow inside, self-loathing and numb? Are you ready to stop stabbing yourself through the heart? Fear not: The soul-destroying job will not destroy you, nor the smallness of colleagues, JOY LADIN, Gottesman Professor of English at Yeshiva University, is the author of a memoir, Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey Between Genders, and seven books of poetry, including Coming to Life, Psalms, and the forthcoming Impersonation. nor the creepiness of bosses, nor toxic debates about who should be listened to, who should be shamed, who should go to hell. When you walk through desert, it will become forest. Cruelty and brutality, degradation and evil, will turn into pools of water. Your father will finally see, your mother will understand you, every version, young and old, real and imagined, future and past, the guitar-playing angel, the queer fluid light, the thresher of mountains, the solitary pine, the bisexual fountain of happiness. Don’t be afraid. I was there before patriarchy and I am there beyond its end, ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE SEEING? You can subscribe here: tikkun.org/newsite/magazine and/or donate here: tikkun.org/donate calling you toward me across generations, opening fountains in the midst of depression, 64 W W W .T I K K U N . O R G WINTER 2019