Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 62

I. In the Midst I know: you’re afraid to admit I’m talking to you, because, deep down, you fear you’re less than nothing, so anyone who would talk to you must be nothing too. Amiright? Patriarchy raised you to be afraid, to believe the demons, the vampires, the misogynistic gods who tell you you’re hollow inside and warn you to hold your tongue when cruelty and brutality, degradation and evil, stab you through the heart. Patriarchy likes you this way, self-loathing and numb, believing you’re no one I’d ever choose, a worm in a tunnel, chaff in a gale, a nameless pool of blood that doesn’t deserve my love. Never not gonna be mad about that. Let’s just say I know how hard it is to keep showing up when the people you’re talking to insist you aren’t who you are. You, for example, keep confusing me with dust— er, men—dead for thousands of years. Wondering how to tell us apart? I have power. They don’t. I summon them all to judgment, 62 W W W .T I K K U N . O R G the fears that stalk you to the ends of the earth, the shame and disgrace that not only put but nail you in your place, everything that gets in the way of you believing that I am calling you. Don’t be afraid. Blood relations may fail when you need them; hurt you in ways they confuse with love; love you in ways that hurt. That’s what our old friend patriarchy trains relations to do. I say: I was there before patriarchy and I am there beyond it, calling you to me, every family, clan and nation, by paths you haven’t walked, by ways you cannot imagine, Are you ready to be strong? Are you ready to remember who you really are? Here is the soul you thought you lost. Here are myrtles and olives, deserts and brooks, entire continents, I created for you. Here I am, the one who declares you have nothing to fear and nothing to prove, who soldered you, nailed you, gilded and pearled. What are you waiting for? Time to remake the world. WINTER 2019