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Though he was only 51 when he quit, he never took another job, but spent years help- ing my brother, a beekeeper, truck hundreds of hives back and forth to the California almond orchards. He immersed himself in music and reading, traveled some with my mother, and became a cherished presence in the life of my son Lev and my brother’s daughter Eve. Our childhood friend precipitated this letter by saying, “You should find out who that guy was and write to tell him how he changed your dad’s life.” As I was nodding in agreement, my brother surprised us both by saying, “I know who he was. His name was Michael Lerner.” I then googled you, of course, to verify your existence, and learned you are alive and (I hope) well and living in Berkeley. Three weeks later, I was back home in New York scrolling through my inbox when your name appeared asking for my signature on MORE LETTERS a MoveOn petition. My first thought was, “Wow, the universe is reminding me to write that letter!” But another two weeks went by. We receive many more letters than we can Last Saturday, my husband Peter and I were spending the evening print! Visit tikkun.org/letters to read more. with old friends visiting from L.A. Over dinner they told us about a major injury the husband had sustained being run over by a car in the parking lot of a book store where he’d gone to buy a book for his wife. These friends, Al and Julie, are observant Jews, so later in the conversation I thought to ask them if they had heard of a rabbi named Michael Lerner and a publi- cation called Tikkun. They put down their forks and looked at each other. Al replied, “It was Michael Lerner’s book, The Left Hand of God, I had just bought for Julie when the car hit me.” Serendipity indeed… I wonder if you remember that long-ago day in Seattle and the FBI agent you spoke with. If so, I would love to hear the story from your point of view. Meanwhile, I am going to do some research on The Seattle Seven, especially to answer the question of why (and how) the FBI was involved. I’m sure you agree with me that life can be wonderful at times like these when we realize we are all connected. By simply speaking your truth in that Bureau car those many years ago, you inspired my dad to follow his heart. It took courage on both your parts to do what you did. Thank you for the role you played in giving my beloved fa- ther an extra year to enjoy life free of distress and sadness, and in giving my brother and me a chance to see Dad demonstrate the integrity he raised us to revere. With deep respect, Susan R. Friedes VOL. 34, NO. 1 © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 5