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MS: So you believe that there is still a role for humor beyond patriarchy? not only struggle against existing institutions. They must make a philosophical/spiritual leap and become more “human” human beings. In order to change, transform the world, they must change/transform themselves.” We do not really know what the unfettered imagination can reveal, but that transformational process, that philosophic and spiritual leap, has to hap- pen to political activists, artists, writers, comics and us cartoon characters! LS: Oh, most certainly. As long as human be- ings are involved in transformational activity, there will be a role for humor. In the midst of change, we find new ways of being, new ways of seeing, and new ways of relating to each oth- er, new forms of community, that may not have been anticipated by the original pioneers—this is what the Apu As long as human controversy is about—and this And getting back to the amaz- is fertile ground for the comic beings are involved ing march we saw today, we are and the cartoonist, if they can be in transformational witnessing that transformational open to it. Beyond patriarchy, we activity, there will be process in a generation moving will begin to have authentic ex- toward a positive vision of the perience of each others’ human- a role for humor. future. They will need a lot of ity, and that transformational humor to keep them going. And activity will take time, and funny I’m on my way right to do my own interview things will happen in that process. Krusty with Naomi Wadler, that incredible 11 year old always quotes the Yiddish proverb, if you can who captivated the attention of the world at appreciate it in spite of its own patriarchal construction: “Man plans and God laughs.” We today’s march! will have to join our Higher Power and learn to MS: Yes, she was amazing! I imagine she’d be a laugh at ourselves as we journey into a world good friend for your character. beyond patriarchy, and watch effects on family structures, work environments, gender fluidity, LS: And a friend of Bart’s, too! the very nature of romance and eros. And the MS: Lisa Simpson, thank you so much for talk- openness, the curiosity about the fascinating ing with me today. It has been a real pleasure! and amazing complexity of human behavior, that openness which is so critical to all artis- tic work, including humor, that openness will MARTHA SONNENBERG, MD, is a flourish when unbound by patriarchal culture. former chief medical officer, a certified “ MS: Wow! That is really inspiring! LS: Thanks. Yes, beyond patriarchy there will still be power inequality issues, ego issues, and psychological issues that will provide ample material for humor. We have to continue to be open to how we evolve, and to continue to allow laughter in the process. If I can quote another of my heroes, the late Grace Boggs— she said, “To make a revolution, people must VOL. 34, NO. 1 ” physician executive, and an infectious disease specialist. She is currently a consultant in issues of quality and safety within hospitals, and in developing medical leaders. © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 39