Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 23

A VISION OF A WORLD BEYOND PATRIARCHY economic, environmental justice, and ecologi- cal sensitivity, enhances our capacity to be lov- ing, care, kind, and generous, and instills in us a deeper appreciation of the awe and wonder of the universe. Every single one of the more specific proposals in our Path to a World of Love and Justice arise out of this New Bottom Line. So that every time we advocate for a par- ticular policy, proposal, piece of legislation, etc. we can demonstrate the connection between the particular strategy that is the focus for the moment and the larger vision of an enwombed world beyond patriarchy and capitalism. A world that nourishes and sustains, rather than one that drains and destroys. If we simply focus on a particular piece of leg- islation without drawing the connection to the larger systems and structures in which they are embedded, if we do not simultaneously explain how patriarchy and capitalism drive the ship, then we will simply be moving things around on the table. Perhaps we will be enlarging the table, but we will not be smashing it and build- ing something fundamentally new and trans- formative. To build an enwombed society that embraces difference, that pulses with the life force of universe, that is loving and compas- sionate and expansive, that is beyond the limi- tations of our current systems and structures, we must both speak about the poisonous wa- ters in which we are swimming (and thus often remain invisible and acceptable) and put forth an alternative vision that actually is embracing, warm, safe, and enwombed. VOL. 34, NO. 1 Let’s imagine for a moment we have actually transformed our society and we are living in a world beyond patriarchy. Here are some things I see in that world. After reading this list, I invite you to create your own list. Doing so will help sustain you through these dark times, will help you create policies and concrete propos- als that are beyond patriarchy, and will remind you that just as we created the current social systems and structures, so too can we create new ones that truly are nurturing, life-giving, joyful, safe, and meaningful. • Everyone has a basic income, social ser- vices, adequate food, shelter, quality and affordable healthcare and education, meaningful work that pays a living wage, and clean air to breathe. • Our planet has the capacity to rejuvenate, recover, and sustain life because we have transitioned to renewable energies and reduced needless consumption and pro- duction. • Children are playing in the fields, laugh- ing, sitting in classrooms with compassion- ate teachers who are well paid and have the skills and resources (books, papers, pens, support, etc.) needed to provide a supportive, loving, safe and nurturing en- vironment for kids to explore their world, learn new skills, expand and grow spiritu- ally and psychologically, and have an op- portunity to play and grow into adults free from daily traumas. • You are met at your doctor’s office, hos- pital, or an integrative healing and well- ness center with a warm greeting. Your integrative health care team spends plenty of time with you and gets to know you, hears your story, listens to your struggles, and supports you to be healthy and whole © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 23