Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 21

valued and appreciated without that being at the expense of anyone else. Rather than beat ourselves and others up for the past, how do we move forward? How can we build wombs that are expansive, warm, loving, and welcoming. Nurturing love—l’takeyn olam b’malchut Shaddai—to heal the world through the maj- esty of nurturance or enoughness. In other words, when our needs for nurturance, con- nection, and belonging are met, we know we are enough and there is enough. Then we won’t hoard after what others need. CONCRETE STEPS TO GET US THERE tion! We must find ways to keep our hearts open. (There are powerful examples of this in some of the articles in this section.) Before people who are not yet with us will feel safe to open their hearts to our economic, social, and environmental policies and positions, we need to show them we care about them, not by try- ing to convince them that our policies will im- prove their lives, but rather by actual subjective caring about them—about their pains and sor- rows, their fears and anger, their heartaches. In a patriarchal and capitalism system, everyone is suffering and struggling, many economically, and everyone spiritually and psychologically. We must tend to those wounds as well. To do this we must build a movement in which we can grieve our individual and collective mistakes that occur within our movements and within our society, learn to love the stranger/ other, see their humanity and refuse to ridi- cule them, even as we passionately disagree with their positions, and speak with prophetic empathy. In addition, we need to put forth a positive vision of the world we want. It is not inspiring to vote for candidates or join move- ments that focus largely, if not solely, on what we are against. We need to articulate an alternative worldview to that of patriarchy and capitalism. When we fail to provide an alterna- tive to what is already there, then we remain limited by what is. In other words, to overcome patriarchy, we need to offer something in its place and that something cannot be patriarchy on its head. Hence why I speak about the image of the womb as an alternative to the table. Patri- archy and capitalism assess, mea- sure, and quantify all aspects of life (nature, businesses, schools, health Illustration by Tania Advani care, legal systems, etc.). Only those that increase our wealth, status, The above are the psychological and spiritual foundation needed to dismantle patriarchy and capitalism. Alone, however, they are not enough. We also need concrete embodied ac- tions that begin to create the foundation for a caring society. Our movements must become welcoming places that uplift our spirits. We need to become as sophisticated in our loving capacities as we are in our righteous indigna- VOL. 34, NO. 1 © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 21