Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 19

womb to which I they’ve been taught returned in times of (and perhaps even distress and need. with their family and They were always friends). there for me (even If we want to reach when we disagreed— people like this con- which we did and servative reporter, still do!). They who momentarily embraced me even can taste and feel when they did not the lure of a loving, always approve of my kind, and generous choices. And still, I world (and thus was knew that opening so close to being this can of worms brought to our side), would be rather then we need to let challenging for us them know that we all. Nonetheless, I Image by Chaia Heller, “Miriam” see their humanity decided knowing and that we would the fuller story was welcome and accept critical. I was willing to re-evaluate the stories them into our movement. We need to hold I had been told my whole life and to open to them when they get scared and doubt their the possibility of a different reality. It was not capacity to be accepted. We need to provide easy. Yet, I’m so grateful I did. But I couldn’t a safety net, a place for them to fall and land have done it unless I had both the inner and when they get scared—a warm and welcoming outer resources to allow myself to go there and womb. And we need to do this again and again know I would be ok—meaning, and again. (I am not speak- knowing that fundamentally I ing about the perhaps 25- Nurturing love—l’takeyn am still lovable and would still 30% of Trump supporters be loved and accepted. I’d still olam b’malchut Shaddai— that are deeply embedded have a place where I experi- to heal the world through in racist, sexist, homopho- enced a sense of belonging and bic, Islamophobic, or anti- community. I would still have nurturing love. Semitic groups, movements, a womb that would embrace and and belief systems but rather welcome me, even as I pushed be- the much larger percentage yond its boundaries. I am extremely privileged that are hurting, and heard in Trump’s rhetoric to have an abiding trust that I am ok and will someone who actually speaks to their pain and be ok and that I don’t need to hold onto sto- angst and are lured by his message.) ries that no longer serve me or society. I am so lucky that I can reflect upon the small truths I If you are just too angry or traumatized (un- have been taught and come to learn more com- derstandably so) about what is happening in plex and deeper truths. This is not something our country and the complicity by some, then to be taken for granted. Many people don’t by all means, take care of yourself, love your- have the kind of support system that enables self, get support for yourself first and foremost. them to feel safe, while breaking with what These are horrifying times. Tend to yourself “ VOL. 34, NO. 1 ” © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 19