Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 16

I. GRIEVE homelessness is rising in the U.S. Under the current administration, hate crimes are on the First, we need to grieve. We must understand rise and the ability to communicate across and where we are and fully grieve and celebrate navigate our differences is dwindling. Men- that reality. We actually are in a moment of his- tal distress is increasing amongst people as a tory in which fascism in rising, both here and result of all of the above and more. And still, abroad. And at the same time, people are rising the sun miraculously rises every day. There up, challenging injustices, and seeking a more are more women and progressives in Congress loving and just world. New Zealand Prime than at any previous time in our history. People Minister Jacinda Ardern said recently that are building movements and striving to build a “New Zealand wants to transform our politics future that is sustainable and caring. to focus on kindness, empathy and well-being Yet, before we can begin to transform things because reporting on economic growth alone and move forward, we first need to grieve and doesn’t show the full picture.” The climate is mourn where we are, while also rejoicing and being destroyed at unprecedented rates. Yet, celebrating the complete mystery and magic of young people like Greta Thunberg in Sweden life itself. I do not mean grieve as individuals, or the Sunrise Movement here and many oth- for our individual missteps (although that too ers around the world are challenging those in power to take responsibility and reverse course. is important), but rather grieve in community for the collective harm of which we are apart. Everyday more and more species are going extinct and we do not fully know the impact of Grieving is not the same as blaming! If we those losses on the larger ecological systems in want to move beyond where we are, blaming and shaming is a completely ineffective strat- which we live. We do know that as more and egy (even if it temporarily makes us feel bet- more bees die, our planet will not be able to ter). Why? Because when people are blamed, produce the conditions needed for us to grow they tend to repeat patterns that we all learned our food. Environmental collapse impacts as children, namely, to go into self-protection. the poorest amongst us most severely even as Rather than be open to listening and learning, the economic gap between the rich and poor when blamed we tend to defend ourselves and expands, only exacerbating this situation. En- often dig our heels in even deeper. tire islands and communities are fleeing this environmental devastation and destruction as 16 W W W .T I K K U N . O R G WINTER 2019