Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 15

and holds within and beyond it the oneness of all life. Wombs connect across time—every person is born from a womb. When it’s time for those within it to break forth and venture out on their own, it contracts and frees them. For me, a world beyond patriarchy reflects the womb. It is welcoming, warm, and expansive. It seeks justice, and is compassionate, loving, and life-giving. It encompasses a freeing force that embraces difference and transforms to meet the changing needs of those within its embrace. To be that powerful force of love and light, we must continue, as we have in the past, to open our arms and our hearts to changes and differences even as they challenge and push us beyond our comfort zone. Image by Chaia Heller, “Tree of Life, Awakening to Shaddai” VOL. 34, NO. 1 When we were in our birth-mother’s womb, there was a time when we stretched beyond the comfortable and safe confines of that more restricted place and sought and pushed for our freedom. There was something outside of that place that we, perhaps reluctantly and yet bravely, welcomed. As we grew up, rather than build on the trust we had at birth that we would be held in safety, even as we stretched beyond our restricted comfort zones, many of us learned instead that stretching beyond our comfort zones was in fact not safe. So we turned inward to keep ourselves safe. We learned to fear the other and to hoard in or- der to keep ourselves and our family members safe. These are lessons we were taught by our parents, teachers, media, etc. This is our inheritance not because there is something fundamentally wrong with any one of us, there isn’t; not because any individual is to blame, they aren’t; but rather because we swim in the poisons of patriarchy and capitalism every day. Yet, in truth, we all seek to return to the womb. To be embraced in loving kindness. Still we can’t seem to get there. We live in fear and sepa- ration and do not know how to bridge the gulf that we so desperately yearn to overcome. To move beyond patri- archy and capitalism and embrace and welcome a new future, one that is unknown but that we can trust will hold us and is safe, we need to do three fundamental things as part of our effort to overthrow patriarchy and capitalism. These are necessary components of any larger movement; a movement that also must include fundamental programs and an over- arching structural approach to help ignite long-term systemic change. © 2019 TIKKUN MAGAZINE 15