Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 114

our humanness that is beyond any nationality? phrase “Hineni—Here I am” that appears 178 How many Palestinians believe that there is no times in the Hebrew Bible. It is uttered most Israeli that is really trustworthy? How many often in response to God asking “Where are Israelis believe that there is no Palestinian who you?”, but it is also spoken from one individual is really trustworthy? Can it be a base for a new to another. This question: “Where are you?” adventure—coming together with more people was first asked from God to Adam in the Gar- to create a model for a healed culture based on den of Eden. According to the story, Adam’s our humanness? Could we see this search for response to this question was to hide! It was home as an opportunity to create something the first hiding in the long history of human- together that will inspire many others? In what ity’s hiding. Rabbi Shneur Zalman (an eigh- way will the historic trauma heal through us? teenth-century Hasidic Rabbi who was also Once Haneen asked me: “Do you have this feel- my great, great, great grandfather) taught that ing sometimes that your soul is communicat- God wasn’t seeking Adam’s coordinates with ing with you, wishing you to be somewhere, this question, but offering Adam an opportu- not knowing where, but giving you a glimpse nity for a dialogue with his Creator. He asked of this other reality?” Yes. I know this feeling him—where are you innerly, and where are when I have no other choice you in connection to me? but following the calling of Sometimes when I hear A healing biotope is a place my soul—even when it is the birds I think that they about risking everything for ask each other—“Where where we don't need to hide the sake of healing. are you?” and answer “ anymore, Not from god, not zif zif: “Here I am”. Like Haneen and I co-created a from other fellow humans, the birds—whenever we quality of connection and ask somebody where are safety that nourished both not from our lovers, and not you—we ask it in order to of us. A functioning healing from ourselves. establish contact. When biotope is always about con- we answer truthfully, nections. Its power comes there is a chance to get closer and fly together. from the sense of connection between its mem- A healing biotope is a place where we don’t bers, the sense of connection with the divine point that exists in every human being, and the need to hide anymore, not from God, not from other fellow humans, not from our lovers, and sense of connection with all that lives. It is a nature reserve in which humans are not the de- not from ourselves. stroyer of nature but the ones who support the Being ready to answer the question—“Where regeneration of the ecosystem and it is a place are you?” with the answer—“Here I am” is where the holiness of life can shine through. A already a big step of spiritual growth and healing biotope is like a micro cosmos or a ho- presence. Another step is when a group is logram. When a small group of people comes able to answer this existential question with together they collectively hold all the light and the answer: “Here we are”—we are connected shadow of humanity. This kind of community with each other and with our vision so deeply calls upon us to be ready to engage in healing that we know our place in the evolution of life the structures of separation that we integrate toward unity. Then, we can start moving to- within ourselves. gether as one. Answering “Here we are” might This readiness to show up is expressed by the not be glorious in the beginning. We might ” 114 W W W .T I K K U N . O R G WINTER 2019