Tikkun Winter 2019 (34.1) - Page 112

POLITICS AND SOCIET Y Global Healing Is Possible EMMA SHAM-BA AYALON T most of the important words in our vocabulary, has lost its meaning due to overuse, misuse, and abuse; the challenges of our times call us to reclaim the mean- ing of healing on an individual and global level. In this article, I explore components of healing that I believe are important to reclaim. Hebrew has three different words for healing: ripuy—connected to letting go; achlama - connected to dreaming; and havraa—connected to drawing us to our original wild nature. All three are compo- nents of what Dieter Duhm calls a “healing biotope” and what forms the foundation for “Tamera”—a community in Portugal that could be a model for how to heal our- selves and the world. A healing biotope is a place in which we feel safe and held enough to let go of our pretenses and possessiveness, even in our love relationships, in which dreams are honored, and connection between humans and creation is re-established. I hope that together with other dreamers we can create more heal- ing biotopes. Doing so, just might be what will save us from our sense of isolation and from the brink of ecological disaster. the book inspired my mother and she integrat- ed this shift of consciousness and focused on healing her life instead of merely focusing on healing the disease. She lived 11 years after her initial diagnosis; they were the happiest and most fulfilling years of her life. Healing does not mean that we will not die. It means that something in the core is healed. If we want to heal humanity we need to look at our core. I studied the meaning of healing very intimate- ly with my mother when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer level 4 and with a progno- sis of one year to live. When she was diagnosed, I brought her a book as a gift with the title: You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. The title of There is a Hasidic saying: “You cannot heal evil but by reaching to its core or by reaching to its root”; but what is the core of evil? The core of evil is the illusion of separation—the false perception that we are actually separate beings rather than deeply connected. In contrast, a 112 HE WORD HEALING , LIKE W W W .T I K K U N . O R G WINTER 2019