Tied in a Bow November 2015 - Page 90

Fashion week was a fast-paced affair this season but we were up for the challenge. On the East coast some of the shows you have are Boston, New York and Hartford Fashion Week. Hartford Fashion Week is in its very first year of inception. It kicked off with great attendance and a huge celebration.

It's inspiring to watch young and aspiring designers as they display their hard work and creative efforts to the masses. Aspiring designers are so talented and still giving their "all" to put themselves out there showing who they truly are creatively, brave and determined to make their mark. Sitting at these runway shows, waiting for the models to walk the runway, has a similar feel to sitting in a house of worship waiting for a bride to walk down the aisle. Everyone's quiet and respectful, waiting for the beginning of the walk.

Boston was not just about the soft line runway shows. Accessory designers were a staple and very well received at the shows. Jewelry from Alzerina, hats by Marie Galvin of Galvin-ized Headwear, belts by Keep Your Pants On, and handbags by Susu Accessories were all featured during the show at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Another notable designer was KM Swimwear. A redesign of the vintage swimwear Silloutte into a modern day collection was exciting and sexy as the models walked the runway. What stood out for me personally in Boston were the jewelry designs of Alzerina. And at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum show, these pieces were show-stopping. They danced across the room in a rainbow of glitz and glamour each piece more stunning then the one before it.

Hartford fashion week was a little extra special in its launch year. The week-long celebration kicked off at Majorca restaurant in Hartford where designers, photographers and the models were quick to network and fill the room with excitement and laughter. The launch party was followed up by panel discussions, movie premieres , mini runway shows and then the three days of full-scale fashion week shows all presented in the iconic Union Station. Celebrity hostesses and hosts gave the crowds even more Connecticut-based entertainment to enjoy.

While each show was uniquely creative and diverse, FemmeGod was the stand-out showcase for me. A fantasy-based design, with elements of gothic-dyed veils and animal plumage . FemmeGod is the kind of couture collection that you get excited to see from start to finish and that you’re sad when the collection ends. Couture designs that evoke the woodland goddess in all of us .This designer is one to watch and a coveted one to work with. Lauren Bolstridge is a name to watch. As a local Hartford artist she is making a mark on the fashion world.

If you haven't attended any of these Fashion Week celebrations, I would make it a point to attend as many as you can in 2016. The artistry is inspiring and beautiful. The excitement and positive environment is exhilarating for any person in any field. And like that house of worship, when you leave and go back to your daily grind, the images and connections made are long standing , imprinted on both psyche and character.