Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 42

An Evening in Tuscany


The DuBard House at Glenwild

Tuscan beauty and warmth surround you as you enter the Dubard House at Glenwild in Grenada, Mississippi. It is a place unlike any other in the area. From the Italianate décor inside and out to the landscaping with its pergolas, wrought iron gazebo, and lake with stately trees, the venue exudes Tuscany. Owners Bob and Lorraine DuBard welcome visitors and clients alike with the same friendly welcome one would expect in Tuscany.

Bob and Lorraine married 10 years ago and formed a kind of modern day Brady Bunch with Bob and his two children and Lorraine and her three children from a previous marriage. With all of the kids there this day, this place is all about family. Indeed, though neither Bob nor Lorraine have any Italian heritage, they are enamored with the romance of Italy and the Tuscany region in particular. Lorraine explained that what attracted her to Tuscany was the aura of family and a sense of belonging one feels in the region. This romantic notion led the couple to build the DuBard House at Glenwild with all of its Italianate looks and features.

These features won them some fame with a couple of architectural magazine articles as well as local exposure. This was their home and everyone who came in the door was treated like family. Soon after came the requests for weddings and local photo shoots. Then an idea began to form in Lorraine’s mind. Both she and her husband worked in the medical field and felt blessed financially. It was a natural step for them to want to share their blessings with others. It all started with their daughter Chancis’ wedding to Louis Marascalco right on the property. For Lorraine and Bob, it was both a tiring and exhilarating experience. More events were to follow; they were hooked. There was something that appealed to them in all of these events.