Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 40

Touching Moments

From Tied in a Bow Readers

My husband and I waited to get married until our daughter was old enough to be present. We eloped on the beach nearby with only a person to marry us and a photographer... and our little girl of course. It was such a special day for her to attend her mom and dad's wedding accompanied by her very own hand made dress. It was the best day of our lives, and we loved that our daughter could be a part of it.

Jacquelyn and Alan Worthy

This photograph represents the perfect end to the most perfect day. There is so much love packed into this one picture. This is my most favorite out of all 500 plus we have! You don't take a photograph, you make the photograph. :)

Ashley Coulter

Picture by Pam Parker Of Pam's Photography Lafayette, TN

So many times the groom is overlooked. But this photo taken by John Mathis captured the groom waiting on his bride with tears in his eyes. This picture tells a story

that true love is now and forever!

Brandi-Layne and Stephen Johnson

After both suffering from bad first marriages, they vowed to just "live" together, even though both of their families believed they were perfect for each other and should get married. After several years, they decided they would tie the knot. With a very small budget in place, they found a chapel which offered them a wedding at 1/2 price on a Sunday afternoon, found the dress and rented a tux. With family and friends present, they made a committment and married. Jeanna, the bride, is a diabetic and a cancer survivor. Kelly, her groom, is the love of her life. This photo says to me that he absolutely adores her.

Krista McFerrin, sister and photographer