Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 39

Her mom also has her own dreams of how she wants her daughter’s wedding day to be. She has been pinning pins to a special album to help sway her daughter’s vision over to hers. She pulls out her tablet and begins to show her all the lovely things that she has pinned and begins to make her case. Her sister begins to chime in on the conversation and reminds her that they only have a small budget. She suggests that maybe they should just elope and spend that money more wisely by using it as a down payment on a house. While her sister’s suggestion does have some merit, Trina desires with all her heart to have the wedding of her dreams, so she ignores her and moves on. Her cousins also have ideas of their own, too. The discussion around the dinner table is not proving to be productive, so everyone goes home for the night.

A few days later, Julie meets with her wedding planner. Her planner lays out a list of wedding professionals that will fit both her budget and most of what she desires for her wedding. The planner explains to her that some of her dreams entail a little more than what her budget will allow, she shows her some beautiful alternatives that will better fit her budget and Julie is pleased. They now get down to task of listing all the tiny details that will make her wedding special and unique. The color of the roses, the style of the napkins, the music the DJ will play, etc. Then her meeting comes to an end and Julie leaves for lunch with her mother while her planner takes care of all the details.

Meanwhile, Trina is back at it again, trying to enlist more of her friends and family to help her. Her mother, although still holding out hope for her vision of her daughter’s wedding, is sitting by her side ready to help in any way that she can. Her best friend is now on board and has several suggestions, both good and bad. They make a list of all the things that she would like to see at the wedding venue. Flowers, candles, strands of pearls. They begin looking online to find where the best places are to purchase such things. One place carries the candles she wants but not the pearls. Another place has the lace ribbons she wants, but they are twice the price as she had planned on. The whole afternoon is spent swiping back and forth between websites, trying to figure out which stores to purchase what from. At the end of the day, a small list is made and a few decisions have finally been solidified. So much more to do, but that will be saved for another day.

Does any of this sound familiar so far? Watch as their wedding day stories unfold over the next 4 issues. Then you can decide for yourself, are you going to be a Julie or are you going to be a Trina? Whichever one you decide to be, this article will help provide you with a glimpse into both scenarios.

The author, Sheri Christie of Simply Sheri Photography, is a middle Tennessee-based wedding and portrait photographer. She may be reached at sheri@tiedinabow.org or at www.simplysheriphotography.com.