Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 38

The Wedding Planner Series

He’s popped the question, the engagement ring is on your finger, and announcements have been made. So now comes the real work—planning the dream wedding that you have envisioned since childhood!

Seems like an easy enough task. You have envisioned every aspect of this momentous day since you were a little girl playing dress up, so surely this will be an easy undertaking to achieve. Why pay some expensive wedding planner to do all the work for you when you already know what you want, right?

Let me take you on a virtual journey of two brides. Both have the same budget, the same style of wedding venue and the same taste in decor. You could say that these two virtual brides are practically identical twins in every way except for one—one hires a wedding planner and one does not.

This will be a five piece article to help you decide whether you want to be like Julie (who hires a wedding planner) or if you are more adventurous like Trina (who decides to forego a wedding planner and takes on that role herself).

Let’s take a peek at our two brides and see how they are doing...

In the first stages of wedding planning, Julie decides to call a professional wedding planner. She meets with her and discusses all of her wedding dreams. She describes in great detail how she wants the venue to be decorated right down to the last pearl drop on the chandelier. The wedding planner writes all of her desires down and then with Julie’s budget in hand, begins the work on

matching up Julie’s dreams to Julie’s budget. Another meeting is scheduled and Julie leaves while her planner gets down to work.

Across town, Trina, her mom, her sister and two cousins, sit around the dinner table to begin their wedding planning. They pull out their tablets and they all propose a wide array of ideas to help Trina with her special day. Trina begins to describe to them what her wedding day wishes are; after all, she’s been dreaming of this day since before she played with Barbie dolls and knows exactly what she wants right down to the finest of details.