Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 30

“While planning our daughter’s wedding we started to explore the possibilities of using a portion of the farm as a wedding venue. The wedding was a success and all of our hard work seemed to open the door for us to continue with the vision of having a venue on our farm.

We began talking with our family and people in the community about our idea and continued to be encouraged to move forward with our plans. Everyone we have talked with in the planning process seems to share in the excitement with us, which has been very helpful to keep us focused on completing the business process. It takes a lot of time and energy to open your own business so all of the encouragement we have received along the way has kept us motivated to move on to the next step. A lot of folks may not have even realized it, but just one word of encouragement has been all we needed to keep pushing toward our dream!

Obviously we see our farm as a wedding venue but in reality it’s so much more. Our love of having family and friends spending time together on the farm is truly where our heart is. The vision we have for our venue is to share with

others a place where families and friends can reunite by actually taking the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company in a serene farm setting.

The venue is a blank canvas for the bride to create the wedding of her dreams! We will have a list of vendors on our website we recommend from our area. The vendors we recommend have provided us with an excellent quality of service and they are familiar with our venue.

Susi Lawson, professional photographer, has been essential to us by promoting our farm with portrait sessions and her creative style of photography. She has successfully captured the natural beauty of 'The Virginia House on Reed Creek Farm'.”

Teresa brought up a very important point, which I believe, is essential to having your wedding day run smoothly and that is insuring that, wherever you have your wedding, it must offer a setting that, by its own nature, provides tranquility. There is enough stress and frenzy in the planning days before a wedding that a peaceful setting can really bring this pace to a halt and create a sense of inner and outer peace that nothing else can provide.