Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 26

Location, Location, Location

The importance of atmosphere

Ask any realtor what the most important aspect of purchasing a new home is and they will likely respond by repeating “location, location, location.” We all know that where we live creates the backdrop for the life we live. If you don’t consider this when buying a home, you may regret your purchase not long after moving in.

This same kind of perspective needs to be entertained when planning a location for your wedding. Although it’s not as important as where you live, you will be reliving this amazing day for the rest of your life. Where you get married must not only be meaningful and beautiful but will play a major role in the quality and mood of the images captured by your wedding photographer.

As a portrait and wedding photographer, if you asked me what is one of the most important aspects of wedding photography, I would answer “location, location, location.” The background of a portrait or an event is essential to the final outcome in creating memorable and magical moments whether in the camera or in real life!

I live in the mountains of Virginia that many would say nestles some of the most gorgeous scenery in the states. The town of Wytheville is historically a farming community so there are still plenty of farmers providing us with pristine pastures. There is nothing like the sight of green rolling hills dotted with the contrast of our beautiful black and white dairy cows grazing peacefully in the sun.

Although we may have the land, the old rustic farm houses are rapidly giving way to newer brick homes and along with this change is a significant loss of atmosphere and