Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 24

The process begins when an engaged couple registers at the website, just as they would at a traditional venue, such as a department store in the Fine China department. This allows potential contributors to search them by name. Once registered, the engaged couple can decide exactly what they would like to receive as a gift, anything from the honeymoon itself to a couple’s massage on the beach. For those who are unable to afford a real honeymoon in some other way, this allows all of their well-wishers to contribute, and is of particular value to those who live far away who might have no idea what to give as a gift (except, maybe, a toaster). For example, the dream honeymoon that a couple wants might cost $3000, but they only have $1000 to spend. It would only take 20 people donating $100 each to make this happen, or 40 people giving $50.

Once a honeymoon is decided on, whether already booked or as a request for help in paying for it, other items may be chosen to add to the list of potential gifts, such as the afore-mentioned massage, a horseback ride on the beach or maybe a lobster dinner overlooking the water at sunset. The only limitations are the imagination.

The site is perfectly designed for destination weddings as well, with suggested venues and bookings, sample wedding day calendars, guest cards and emails. There are also real-world testimonials that could be very useful.

Perhaps the neatest feature is the website that is generated when a couple registers. A sample is offered, complete with a blog, welcome page and photo album. Instead of simply asking friends and family to help, the website may be shared to generate contributions, update everyone on where the wedding plans stand, complete with photos, and give links to gifts the couple would like to receive. Many people would like to give a personal gift but do not know what the couple wants, so they give something impersonal like cash, or a toaster.

Weddings in the 21st Century may be evolving into something new, but the desire for a romantic honeymoon that allows the newlyweds to weld themselves into one new person has not changed. Unfortunately, the current economy might have put this once-in-a-lifetime memory out of reach for many couples until now, but with www.worldventures.honeymoonwishes.com redefining the honeymoon industry, the perfect solution has arrived.

The author is a freelance writer in West Tennessee who knows a great idea when he sees it. For questions or further information, please direct inquiries to the author, Bill Webb, at kbwebbventures@gmail.com.