Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 22

A cousin is getting married and you need a gift idea. Everybody wants a toaster, right? And since everybody wants one, wouldn’t it be terrific to give your cousin a toaster with variable settings, wider than usual slots (for toasting buns, bagels and the like) and maybe even a timer? That would be the best wedding gift ever, right?

Well, maybe. But while small appliances, such as toasters, are a common wedding gift, make sure you keep the receipt to give to the happy couple, in case four other people have the same great gift idea. And since weddings are meant to be last-forever memories cementing the lifelong devotion a couple feels towards one another, does a toaster really convey your best wishes that such a union will be eternally blissful?

Wouldn’t a lobster dinner on a secluded beach at sunset really be a gift to cherish forever? Or maybe the happy couple wants a honeymoon to make lifelong memories but cannot afford one, could you help make that dream come true?

Doesn't Everybody Want a


There are always endless questions surrounding marriages, and endless choices, but thanks to www.worldventures.honeymoonwishes.com some of the most vexing have been answered. This is a website designed specifically for engaged couples to plan their dream honeymoon, often at ridiculously discounted prices, while also allowing their friends and family to contribute to their post-nuptials adventure in a meaningful way. In the era of crowd funding and Kickstarter, this is an idea whose time has come.

So who is behind this revolutionary idea? The site is affiliated with the fast growing travel company Worldventures. In 2014 alone the top award organization in the entire travel industry, the World Travel Awards, has recognized Worldventures’ Dreamtrips Travel Club as Europe’s Leading Travel Club, Africa’s Leading Travel Club and, in October, Asia’s Leading Travel Club. The company was also named North America’s Leading Travel Agency (for its wholly owned travel agency, Rovia) and beat out Expedia and Travelocity to win World Leading Travel Booking Website.