Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 18

For many years, women have been carrying a bouquet of flowers down the aisle with them and thinking nothing more of them but to make sure that they are beautiful and the perfect colors for the wedding. But there is so much more to the bridal bouquet than color and beauty.

In ancient times, instead of the use of flowers, the bouquet consisted of garlic and fragrant herbs. It was thought that if the garlic and herbs where carried by the bride at her wedding, evil spirits would not be able to interfere with the festivities. In the Celtic tradition, the bride and the groom would wear garlands made with ivy, herbs, and strong aromatic spices. It was thought in this culture that the garlands carried a mystical power to protect the bride and the groom. It was also used to mask body odor, since people usually bathed only a few times a year.

The bridal bouquet has evolved over the years. Now they include special trinkets from loved ones who have passed away, and some beautiful bouquets are made with exotic jewels and brooches.

Have fun choosing your unique bouquet!

History of the Bridal Bouquet