Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 17

3. Your officiant brings a balance of levity and love, spirituality and reality.

Just like the familiar theatrical masks depicting laughter and tears, your wedding service is your own stage to present the essence of you. Your officiant should be one who brings joy and mirth along with an uplifting and loving message. It’s your choice to be as spiritual, religious, iconoclastic, and funny as you like. The officiant will take your lead as to what you’re most comfortable with and will design a service that truly represents your voices and life choices.

4. Your officiant comes highly recommended by other happy couples.

Trust your instincts first, but back up your choice by calling a previous client or read a few reviews. Remember, this is a personal choice based on the chemistry between you and the officiant. So back up your instincts by calling a few of the officiant’s clients or reading testimonials on their websites. Whether there are lots of reviews or just a handful, what matters most is what wedding couples, family and friends are saying. Is this officiant mindful of details? Location? Timing? Last minute changes? A positive testimonial is so important because you get an idea of what you are buying. The quality of what people are saying is the essence of what you want to know, but your instincts are a big part of your decision as well. Trust your gut!

5. Your officiant feels like a friend who wants only the best for you both but performs like a pro.

You want to feel completely safe and secure with your officiant, knowing that your wedding ceremony will be smooth from start to finish. Yes, it’s important to have a comfortable camaraderie together, but it’s equally important to know that your officiant has your very best interests at heart. With all the fretting over last-minute details, it’s good to know that you won’t have to worry about the true professional you’ve hired to dependably make everything come off without a hitch!

Cara Wilson-Granat & Sarah Piehl