Tied in a Bow November 2014 - Page 16

The Five Most Important Qualities in an Officiant

Hurrah! You’re engaged! Ready to marry the love of your life and shout it out on Facebook. Called your closest friends and favorite family members. Got a subscription to every bridal magazine published. Pored over every wedding website for vendors and for couples. Scoured the apps. Already dreaming of venues. Now you have too much information and so much to think about. Distilling, discriminating and deciding on any one given detail is overwhelming. Heartwrites.com has a few simple suggestions when looking for the right officiant.

1. Your officiant will work within your budget.

Sometimes abiding by a budget is hard, but keeping it under control is very important, even if you have money to burn! But what if you really want a particular officiant and the Officiant is $100 more than you budgeted? First, look to see where there’s room in your budget to work with and then talk with the Officiant to see if you’ll be able to come to an agreeable compromise. It never hurts to ask.

2. Your officiant “gets you” and works with you to design the ceremony you’ve always wanted.

You have a style that’s all your own. Whether you’re the outdoorsy nature type, formal and traditional, barefoot in the sand, tattooed rock and roll, or tie-dye folks, you want your officiant to be an easy fit reflecting the both of you in the best light. So you might want to add a personal ritual that epitomizes your uniqueness—and that could be with ceremonies involving scarves or shawls, sand pouring, candle lighting, rose exchange, or something completely different. It’s up to you and your officiant to find the perfect ritual that blends beautifully into your ceremony.